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Club Platinium Membership
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A new activity combining tennis, squash and beach racquet games was born in Spain in 2016 to the delight of racquet lovers.
In Switzerland, only the Country Club Geneva has three covered courts dedicated to this new racquet sport, a real global phenomenon.
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Unexpected trajectories

The padel is played on a court surrounded by glass walls. The carbon rackets are easy to handle and the balls are quite similar to tennis balls. In this game after a rebound on the ground, the ball can hit any other surface several times: windows, fences... An unexpected trajectory rule. A good way to unwind while having fun because for once: no holds barred!
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A sport of champions for all

Some of the greatest tennis champions play Padel, everyone can have fun there, because this new sport does not require as many technical gestures as its cousin tennis. That doesn't mean you don't work hard. To discover without hesitation! Join us at the Country Club Geneva and discover all our packages offered by our partner Padel First

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